Why Living In The Emerald City Is An Absolute Gem

They say home is where the heart is. It is not surprising then that countless people love calling Seattle home. Living in this Pacific Northwest city has been a dream for most residents, and here are the reasons:

There is always something happening in Seattle. There are plenty of big festivals over holiday weekends, and celebrations of the city’s heritage. Whatever the event, one can never be bored.

Seattle is called the Emerald City for good reason. Over 140 days of rain annually lead to green grass and awe-inspiring foliage during the summer. And during the winter, children can enjoy the snowbanks. Even adults can gleefully wade and play in the winter wonderland when deep snow draws the city to a close.

Clear, stunning views of the mountains on sunny days are quite the sight to behold. With opportunities for outdoor recreations abound, there is valid reason to skip the gym.

Job opportunities
With a lot of available great jobs, and a minimum wage about to increase to $15 an hour, Seattle is one of the best cities to work in.

The city boasts of the largest passenger and automobile ferry system in the country. A daily commute can even include whale watching.

Image source: clippervacations.com

Image source: clippervacations.com

Food scene
Of course, the food scene – when it comes to food and drinks, Seattle is at the top of the list of places to be. The city is lined with award-winning restaurants. And no one should forget that Starbucks was founded in the Emerald City.

Hi, I’m Clay Huston, a real estate agent from Seattle, Washington. I have been enamored with its unique charm ever since I moved here from Portland, Oregon. Connect with Clay Hutson on Google+ for more discussion on the real estate scene in Seattle.


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