Improving Your Improv: Some Helpful Advice

What makes improv unique is its natural spontaneity and high level of unpredictability, and if you can pull this off, that’s when Clay Hutson win the hearts of the audience.

There is a total attitude that the improv actor should wear to become better at his or her craft and leave the audience clamoring for more.

Improvisation is all about surprises. This goes both ways, as the output should surprise the audience and much as it surprises you as the actor. Other actors subscribe to the suggestion that improv should be led to a sphere of knowledge which you are already familiar with, but in this method, you run the risk of doing a spiel. This makes you sound artificial, and the improv appreciating audience can sense this easily, which turns them off.


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Take the stage without expectation. In the daily dynamics of human life, when you ask a question, you do it with the expectation of an answer that falls under an anticipated set in your head. In improv, you should dispense with this. Instead, be as welcoming to the unpredictability as you can be. Simply listen and react to what is actually said.

The successful improv actors prepare best for their turn on the stage by getting right into the middle of the business of life. They eat in public places and rides on buses and trains and see how friends and strangers react to each other. They read the news to see what’s going on to keep themselves relevant.

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With reality as a basis, they then add twists to it in their imagination. Improvisation is a reality, after all; only it’s twisted in a way that would make the audience crack up in their seats.

Clay Hutson is from Portland, Oregon, but is currently a resident of Seattle, Washington. He is a great movie fan and loves comedies. Follow him on Twitter for more on movie updates.


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