The Greatest Seahawks In NFL History

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The Seattle Seahawks have arguably the loudest fans in the NFL – and rightfully so. They have always had exciting teams, and have won numerous titles, including a Super Bowl. Much of their success comes from having great players. Here are some of the greatest players to ever wear the Seahawks jersey.

Steve Largent

Mr. Seahawk, as he is called is credited alongside Jim Zorn, for giving the city of Seattle the gift of football. He was lean and mean, and had the best hands in the league. He would create openings for easy catches. He had 819 receptions in 13,089 yards, and a hundred touchdowns – all in a span of 14 years.

Walter Jones

Walter Jones joined the Seahawks in 1997. Shortly after, he made nine straight Pro Bowl appearances. He was a mountain of man who would smash defenders. Along with Steve Hutchinson, Walter Jones terrorized defensive lines as these two behemoths would clear acres of space for the offense to blast through.

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Cortez Kennedy

Cortez Kennedy had a hard time, even as a mighty defensive lineman because he was usually part of teams that fell short of glory. He would take on more than one blocker to create space, and would crush single blockers easily. He was responsible for one of the strongest defenses in the NFL at the time, which did not make up for a very weak offense.

Clay Hutson is a Portland native who moved to Seattle, Washington. He is a big Seahawks fan. For more on Hutson, visit this Flickr site.


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