The Greener Life: How Golf Improves Overall Health

Golf is not only for the rich and famous. Studies show that this popular hobby can be a great alternative to other physical sports. The global epidemic of obesity has shocked health professionals, causing many of them to suggest other exercise options. People are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle to live a happier and longer life.

Young man playing golf

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So where does golf come into this?

Medical studies are now suggesting that golf is not only a fantastic way to pass the time, but good for overall health. Described below are a few of the major health benefits golf offers.

It’s good for the heart: Golf looks so relaxing, but players typically work up a sweat during games. Playing golf keeps the heart rate up. Players have to walk quite a lot, carrying and swinging their golf clubs around a wide expanse. Skipping out on a golf cart can mean covering a distance between five to seven kilometers. Carrying one’s own clubs help burn calories (and keep the heart pumping!) as well. Golfers can burn up to 1,000 calories per game.

It prevents brain diseases: As heart rate increases, blood flow to the brain improves, which helps strengthen nerve cell connections. This plays a crucial role in the prevention of certain brain diseases such as dementia. There is also the added factor of competition which builds confidence and self-esteem.


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Low-risk, high-pay-off: Compared to other sports, golf improves health without the multitude of associated risks physical sports have. Golf is a leisure sport and builds on strategy, coordination, and accuracy. It keeps the muscles engaged while maintaining a perfectly acceptable range of safety.

Overall, golf is a highly-recommended sport – especially for those advanced in age. The health benefits combined with its low risk makes golf an ideal option.

Clay Hutson plays golf whenever he has free time. Learn more when about the sport you follow this Clay Hutson on Twitter account.


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