Why Golf Is a Good Hobby To Pick Up

If you aren’t a golfer, you might think that golf is a sport played by older men, or the rich people. This couldn’t be farther from truth! Here are reasons golf is a good hobby to pick up.


Image source: wisegeek.com

It’s good exercise

Prepare to walk about 10,000 steps during an average 18-hole game, if you don’t use a golf cart. And carrying your own clubs is a weight-exercise in itself. Warm yourself up and do some stretches before you start playing. Playing gold on a regular basis will help you lose those kilos and strengthen your core muscles, with all the walking, and swinging.

It relaxes you and relieves you from stress.

Golf is played in lush green surrounding, and we all know that bonding with nature gives you that much-needed tranquility. And playing golf doesn’t require you to make critical decisions every second. Like basketball or football, it gives you the time to meditate and relax.


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Golf is the fastest growing sport in the world. It isn’t just social pastime. Many companies organize golfing games to get to know workmates or try to impress clients. Many business deals were struck in a golf course.

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