How to close a deal on a golf course

Golf isn’t merely a sport. It’s also a great avenue where business gets done, and deals are closed. If you haven’t tried it, here are some tips to close your biggest deals on the golf course.

1. Show up at the golf by yourself

Show up alone, and you’ll end up in a foursome with people you don’t know. You’ll have plenty of time to engage in conversations during the game that will allow you to know other golfers in a way that profiling sites will never provide.

2. Don’t dive into business talk right away

Start conversations with innocuous topics. Get a feel of what the others’ interests are. As the round progress, you can dig deeper by asking questions that invite them to give more information about their work.

3. Never cheat

If a person cheats at golf, they just show that they can’t be trusted with anything else.

4. Don’t be too competitive

In relation to the third tip, retrain yourself from channeling your competitive spirit. Remember, you’re there to close deals. The emphasis should be building rapport and trust with your playing partners.

5. Respect the etiquette of the game

Don’t curse, don’t shout, don’t throw clubs. Compliment your prospective client on good shots and putts. And by all means, be quiet during the swings of others.


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Hi, I’m Clay Hutson. I’m a real estate agent working in and around Seattle, Washington. Back in college, I was part of my alma mater’s golf team. For more golf discussions, follow my blog.